Tiny houses are better to buy new than used

Tiny houses

Tiny houses have been springing up in conversations all over America as the trend has taken off.
They are economical and are the green way to go.
But building a tiny house can be very time consuming and quite a huge thing to do.  One can either buy a Tiny house kit or they can build them from scratch or they can buy a used one.

Why buying a new built tiny home is better than buying used?

You get to design your home when it is new
When buying a home, you are looking for that one that is your perfect home. Buying a used home is like buying someone else’s dream.  Especially in tiny homes as the construction of them are mostly done by the owners.

Everything is still shiny new and under a good warranty
All the products in a new house such as materials such as facets, lighting, etc. are all probably still under a good warranty.  A used home won’t have that, and you may find yourself having to pay to have things fixed.  As things start to deteriorate faster having stood longer.

In a new tiny house, as long as it is allowed, you get to choose where you want to build it.  The community in which you want to stay.  A used Tiny house you are forced into that community and it may not be right for you.

That new home feeling
A used home is a reflection of someone else, especially in a tiny house which was built and designed specifically to that owner’s tastes.  They probably hand-picked all the recycled materials, appliances and tools.  A new tiny home allows you to hand pick your own materials, appliances and tools.  Designing and building a tiny house is part of the allure of them.  Plotting out space and how you are going to fill your teeny dream house is what make them so special. You want to be able to enjoy your Tiny home not have to spend hours working on it to make it your own.  Because at the end of the day if you are going to have to put so much work and effort into remodelling a used home you may have well just built it from scratch!