2018 Bestseller list

The Great Alone
By Kristin Hannah

This is the tale of a family fractured by the damages of war on a loved one.
The father comes home from war a changed and harsh man.  He decides to move his family to Alaska and there they are taken in by the locals.  But ultimately mother and daughter come to a harsh reality that they have no one to turn to but each other as the man they love (a father and husband) slips further into a dark dangerous depression

Night Moves
By Jonathan Kellerman

An LAPD homicide detective teams up with a brilliant psychologist in order to solve a baffling brutal murder. This crime takes them to the inner circle of the privileged and wealthy where they uncover a gruesome web of greed, mistrust, disloyalty and corruption.  People who will stop at nothing to take what they want.

The Woman in the Window
By A.J. Finn

A gripping suspenseful thriller where no one is who they seem to be in the perfect suburban neighborhood.
This book is about Anna Fox a recluse who cannot leave her home for fear, so she stays at home all day drinking wine and watching her neighbors through her window.
A new family moves in across the street.  A mother, father and teenage son who appear to be the perfect family until one-night Anna sees something she should not have. Her whole world begins to unravel as secrets are laid bare and a twisted plot of what is real or not, who is in danger begins.