Top 5 smart home devices for 2018

The smart generation

Everything in the world moving to some form of smart technology, our phones, our cars, our homes and even entire cities are becoming filled for Smart technology.

Top 5 smart home devices for 2018

#1  Amazon Cloud Cam

Catch events as they happen in your home or small office in sharp crisp 1080p HD.This live feed Cam has prompt motion detection and streams live feed to your smart device no matter where you are.It has twenty-four-hour clip storage so you can download anything you may need right from the cloud storage and is there for replay should you need it.
This is the new standard in home security camera’s

#2  Lifx Mini Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

As with most smart devices these Lifx lightbulbs can be controlled from your smartphone to set them to any color, brightness or have them automate through various colors.
They can transform any space into a soft lighting, different colored lighting or a bright working space if required.

#3 Ecobee4

Is a smart voice-activated thermostat and has room sensors! These room sensors help to manage the cold and hot spots in a room.  It also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service which allows you to ask it to read you the new or order your groceries if you wish.
These new thermostats are the way forward in saving and conserving energy the Ecobee is unrivalled in its class of product.

#4 August Smart Lock Homekit-enabled

This smart lock is a good choice for any home especially ones in high crime areas.
You can lock and unlock your door with your phone and give access to your family and guests from any location.It is easy to attach to any deadbolt and as it is attached to the inside of the door a person can use it instead of their keys.  So as long as you have your phone too hand you will be able to get into your home.

#5 Nest Protect (second generation)

This redesigned smoke alarm has a split-spectrum sensor which automatically tests itself and can last for up to a decade.  You can control it from your smartphone to which the alarm will send alerts and reports on what is wrong inside your home.
This alarm does not just beep but has a friendly voice that tells you what is going one.

When choosing a mattress which is better a hybrid or latex?

The importance of sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night.  This equates to an adult spending about thirty-three percent of their time in bed.  That is why our mattresses are a very important part of our household furnishings and choosing one should not be done lightly.  A mattress can not only lead to a lack of sleep but can seriously cause health problems such as back, neck and posture problems if it is not a right fit for you.

Hybrid vs latex mattress

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses are very heavy as they contain large blocks of foam at the top of the mattress, they contain less fiber and they tend to have some form of springs at the bottom of them.
They offer the sleeper a better contour whereby the body is better supported, the bed has a bit more spring or bounce to it.  The mattress has good breathability and it reduces the sinking problem or sleeping hot feeling that just foam mattresses often have.
They come in a variety of firmness levels for those who prefer a harder or softer mattress.
Hybrid mattresses are excellent for side sleepers as the mattress provides great shoulder and hip support whilst holding the persons back in perfect alignment.
But they can be very heavy which makes them cumbersome and hard to move.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is the milky fluid that is found around ten percent of all flowering plants but the most common one that sap is taken from is the rubber tree.
This is used to create Latex foam for mattresses but not all latex is made from natural products there are synthetics out there so make sure you check before buying your mattress.  Especially if you are wanting the more natural product that is better for a person.
Latex comes in varying levels of firmness for comfort and supports these levels is dependent on personal choice.
Being less dense it offers less overheating than most other mattresses.  As with its level of firmness Latex mattress also tend to accommodate most types of sleepers due to it overall support it has to offer.  It tends to fit around tummy, side or back sleepers offering them the maximum comfort and support.The only downside is that these mattresses do not have the bounce offered by hybrid or spring mattresses, some of them can sleep a bit hot and they are prone to off-gassing.  They can also be a bit cumbersome, heavy and hard to move.

Tiny houses are better to buy new than used

Tiny houses

Tiny houses have been springing up in conversations all over America as the trend has taken off.
They are economical and are the green way to go.
But building a tiny house can be very time consuming and quite a huge thing to do.  One can either buy a Tiny house kit or they can build them from scratch or they can buy a used one.

Why buying a new built tiny home is better than buying used?

You get to design your home when it is new
When buying a home, you are looking for that one that is your perfect home. Buying a used home is like buying someone else’s dream.  Especially in tiny homes as the construction of them are mostly done by the owners.

Everything is still shiny new and under a good warranty
All the products in a new house such as materials such as facets, lighting, etc. are all probably still under a good warranty.  A used home won’t have that, and you may find yourself having to pay to have things fixed.  As things start to deteriorate faster having stood longer.

In a new tiny house, as long as it is allowed, you get to choose where you want to build it.  The community in which you want to stay.  A used Tiny house you are forced into that community and it may not be right for you.

That new home feeling
A used home is a reflection of someone else, especially in a tiny house which was built and designed specifically to that owner’s tastes.  They probably hand-picked all the recycled materials, appliances and tools.  A new tiny home allows you to hand pick your own materials, appliances and tools.  Designing and building a tiny house is part of the allure of them.  Plotting out space and how you are going to fill your teeny dream house is what make them so special. You want to be able to enjoy your Tiny home not have to spend hours working on it to make it your own.  Because at the end of the day if you are going to have to put so much work and effort into remodelling a used home you may have well just built it from scratch!